These make ideal documentation for your scale model or they are great if you are simply an aircraft enthusiast. Presented in Word and PDF format, you can view and enlarge the images on screen or you can print out the pages for reference.

PC1 – London Gliding Club Flying Display 1967

IMG_0283£4-99p + £1-40p P&P.

A collection of personal photographs taken at the 1967 London Gliding Club Display in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. The photographs are approaching 40 years old, so inevitably they are not always of the best quality, nonetheless they will be of interest to aviation enthusiasts for their historical value. The photographs are best viewed at 200% or greater in Word, most are black & white, but there are a few colour images. Presented in Word and PDF format, the aircraft images are listed below by their type and registration. Website addresses are provided for further reading on the aircraft, where available.


Auster 5D                                            G-ANHX                                  1 image

Auster 6A                                            G-ASTI                                    1 image

Autogiro                                               Registration unknown 1 image

Beagle A61 Terrier                              G-ARXL                                   1 image

Cessna 172                                         G-ARFK                                  1 image

Cessna 172                                         G-ARLV                                   1 image

Clarkushion Mk2 hovercraft                                                                1 image

DH 82A Tiger Moth                             G-AKXS                                  3 images

DH 82A Tiger Moth                             G-ANFC                                  3 images

DH 82A Tiger Moth                             G-AOEL                                  3 images

Druine Turbulent                                 G-APWP                                 2 images

Fokker Eindecker Replica                   Registration unknown             4 images

Gliders – various                                                                                 9 images

Hiller UH-12E helicopter                     G-ASIH                                    2 images

Luton Minor                                         G-AFIR                                    2 images

Meta-Sokol                                          G-ARSO                                  6 images

MS 880.B Rallye                                 G-ARXY                                  3 images

Piel Emeraude                        G-ARIW                                   8 images

Piper PA-25 Pawnee                           G-ATUA                                  1 image

Piper Super Cub                                 G-ARAM                                  1 image

Pou de Ciel                                         G-AEOF                                  2 images

R/C Models – various                                                                          10 images

Tipsy Nipper                                        G-ATBW                                  1 image

Vickers FB5 Gunbus Replica              Registration unknown             8 images

Zlin Akrobat                                         G-ASIM                                   1 image


PC2 – Piper Tri Pacer & Rutan Vari-Eze

IMG_0293£2-99p + £1-40p P&P

A collection of colour photographs mostly taken around 1990 in the USA, scanned from slides. The aircraft images are listed below by their type and registration. Website addresses are provided for further reading on the aircraft, where available.


Piper PA-22 108 Colt              G-ARSW                     1 image

Piper Tri Pacer                        N8608D                       10 images

Piper Tri Pacer                        N5397Z                       1 image

Piper Tri Pacer                        N9218D                       2 images

Rutan Vari-Eze                        N151VE                       6 images


IMG_0312PC3 – ASK 18

£2-99p + £1-40p P&P

A collection of 12 colour photographs taken at the London Gliding Club, Dunstable in 1988, scanned from original negatives.








IMG_0331PC4 – PITTS S2-A

£3-99p + £1-40p P&P

A collection of 34 detailed colour photographs taken in the USA, which make ideal reference for scale models.






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