39" span. Wing loading from 6 oz/sq ft. 2 function micro R/C.

Designed to be completely portable with removable plug-in wings and tailplanes. Pack it in your suitcase! Now re-drawn in CAD format.

PLAN - 6-00p + 1-40 P&P.




79" span. Wing loading from 8 oz/sq ft. 2 or 3 function R/C.

Thermal or slope soarer featuring 0.8mm ply fuselage, plug-in wings and all-moving tailplanes. May be constructed for rudder/elevator or aileron/rudder/elevator as illustrated.

PLAN - 8-00p + 1-60p P&P.




119" span. Wing loading 9 oz/sq ft. 2 or 3 function R/C.

Open Class soarer featuring plug-in 'gull' wings and all-moving tailplanes and strong 1.5mm ply fuselage. Gull wing is only suitable with ailerons as illustrated, but the model may be built with conventional dihedral for 2 function R/C. PLAN - 9-00p + 1-60p P&P.  


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